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“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.
Pam Snowdon’s love of words and the enchantment with the worlds discovered inside books was cultivated as a small child blessed with the happy experience of parents who read to her every evening. Growing up, a seemingly endless supply of books was at her disposal, with family trips to the library supplemented by encouragement to order as many items as she wished from her class book order. Perhaps that’s the reason why her teachers consistently praised her for her imagination and early story writing efforts.
Later, as an adult working for non-profit organizations and in libraries, Pam built on those skills and interest in writing to produce newsletters, funding proposals, business plans, and reports. While working part time and raising her family, she wrote a newspaper column, advertising copy, and magazine articles, while studying project management and upgrading her social media for business skills.
As a published writer with over twenty years of experience, Pam helps clients develop stories for major Canadian newspapers, as well as health, entertainment, academic, and special interest publications. Her company, Chrysalis Writing Service, was created in 2002 to provide high quality writing services.
 From a Doctor of Naturopathy reaching out to patients living with cancer, to seniors curious about how to access Facebook, to administrators at a community college seeking to create new instructional materials, Pam has collaborated with a diverse range of clients, metamorphosing their visions from abstract imagination into words with impact and originality.  
An enthusiastic traveler with a passion for art and fashion, she has instilled in her three sons a love for and a curiosity about the sights, sounds, and flavours of the rest of the world. As well as flamenco dancing, Pam enjoys participating in community theatre productions, writing fiction and poetry, riding her bike, and hiking and swimming with her kids and little dog, Scout.
A member of the Canadian Authors Association and the Alberta Writers Guild, Pam Snowdon and Chrysalis Writing Service can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Her treasured collection of Ivy
Wallace’s Pookie series and set of Rupert the Bear anthologies still hold places of honour on her personal bookshelf.


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